Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sacrificing for your health

Are you sacrificing your health or are you willing to sacrifice for your health?
In our quick weight loss, pill and shake-dominant society, what is considered a sacrifice anymore? 
  • A strict diet plan?
  • A regimented workout plan? 
  • Not eating chocolate? 
Oh no, she brought up the subject of chocolate again. But another research just came out that said chocolate is good, so good for you. Uh huh. Take a look at our chocolate-laden, sugar-addicted society and ask yourself a question - "Who is making money on these 'health surveys' and 'research' that shows that chocolate is good for you?" Anyway, back to the subject. You know I shouldn't have brought up the "C" word. 
We sacrifice in other areas of our life. We put ourselves on a budget and try to stay within it. We work at a job and are successful at it. We have children and teach them right. Is that a sacrifice? Yet, when it comes to our health, egads, it becomes a sacrifice. Oh no, I have to work out or oh no, I cannot eat a candy bar every day. It's a sacrifice. We don't like being told we cannot do something. Because we work hard in all those other areas - we handle our money, we work hard at our jobs and we love our children. But when it comes to the thing we have to do every day regardless of if we want to or not - we have to eat and we want to do it our way. And so we do it our way. 
  • The stores make it easy for us - unhealthy food is cheap. 
  • The fast food restaurants make it easy for us - unhealthy food is fast [and cheap]. 
  • The medical community make it easy for us - they have pills and shakes and if that doesn't work, surgery for obesity will cure all. 
But what about what our heart says? 
What about that inside voice telling you that you know it is not right. You know it not right to overeat. You know it is not right to be sedentary. And yet, the easy way is to sit on the sofa and watch TV with your chocolate and your glass of wine. And forget about sacrifice, it's too hard. 
So, are you sacrificing your health, day by day, and hoping it will get better by magic some day? 
Or, are you willing to make a sacrifice for your health?