Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celsius - a healthy sports drink?

Celsius joins the ranks of sports drinks designed to - wait for it - HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Wow! It will magically take away those nasty food cravings. It will shoot you up with caffeine and it will just burn the fat off your body. No more worries, when it comes to weight loss. Okay, so I'm being a little sarcastic. But really? Is this a good drink for you?

Well, it has a great advertising program.
And, it is endorsed by Mario Lopez, dimples and all [who doesn't love a guy with dimples? That's all I'm sayin'].

So, let's look at the food label - oh yeah - that thing that tells you what's in a product:
  • 10 calories, that's good
  • 0g sugar, that's good
  • It has vitamins, that's good
  • Low sodium, good
  • It even has green tea extract and ginger, gotta be good!
Now read the last line. Contains 200mg total caffeine per serving. Okay, is that a lot?

Well, if you compare it to:
  • Chocolate bar - 30mg
  • Tea - 30-70mg
  • Cold relief tablet - 30mg
  • Cup of coffee - 90-150mg 
  • Vivarin or other speed pill - 200mg
That's a lot of caffeine. Note the warning "Not recommended for..." at the bottom. I don't know about you, but I don't like warnings on the bottom of my food product. Kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. This is a caffeine-loaded product. If that's what you're looking for, fine. Caffeine is addicting and even though it may make you feel good for a short time, there's a crash coming. Not to mention what it does to your hormones [ladies AND guys].
  • Do you need it to lose weight? No.
  • Would it help you to lose weight? Maybe in extreme cases where you are NOT sensitive to caffeine and can handle the side affects. 
  • Is it worth it? No. 
You have everything you need inside of you to lose weight. It's not going to come from a beautifully-designed can of caffeine, no matter how cute the spokesperson is.

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